Why the ATO have delays?


Why Australian Taxation Office (ATO) Have Delays?

Some reasons for delay

1)      Compliance activities are being undertaken
They may include cross referencing information reported in the return against transactions reported by other parties such as employment, welfare and investment income obtained from property and share dividends.
2)      Processing payments and/or forms for the client
This may occur where:
·         the client has made a payment to us for a future debt
·         there has been a dishonoured payment
·         there have been returns for prior years lodged for the client
·         another payment and/or form is being processed, including activity statements
3)      Tax File Number Compromised
A compromised (or potentially compromised) TFN resulting from the TFN being known to, or being used by an unauthorised third party.
4)      Overstated claim and/or potentially fraudulent
When a return is identified as containing some information that needs to be investigated:
o   There is a delay in processing the Tax Return and Assessment.
5)      Awaiting advice from other Commonwealth Government Agencies
This may occur where the client has existing debts with agencies such as Centrelink, Child Support Program or Family Assistance Office.
6)      Natural disaster impacts
The ATO have a longstanding policy of providing support to people affected by a natural disaster which includes refunding amounts credited to existing debts where the client has entered into a deferral to pay, or an arrangement to pay their tax debts.
7)      Manage an existing debt for the client
This may include a debt the client has with the ATO, where the client has entered into a payment arrangement/debt with various agencies/programs e.g. Commonwealth Government Agency (such as Centrelink), the Family Assistance Office or the Child Support Program.
8)      Verify the identity of the client and/or tax agent
This may include:
o   verifying the relationship between client and tax agent
o   verifying client activity, including where the client has departed Australia or is deceased
o   verifying personal details provided in the return with information we hold on our systems